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Inevitability is a game. Inevitability is a self portrait. Inevitability is a choice based sidescroller... or is it?

Experience the life of young Jane, a 17 year old girl struggling to support her father as he battles a serious illness. Featuring parallax mapping, original art (including drawn maps, sprites, and more), and an original soundtrack, this game is essentially a painting that you can live in and interact with.


Hi there! I'm Hannah DeWitt, the creator of this game. Right now, Inevitability is still in its early stages of development. What you're about to play is NOT the finished game. I call it a demo, but it's more like an early access first build. While I'm making the full game, you can experience a small taste of what the final game will be, in a sort of prologue to the story. In this early access demo, you play as Jane at the age of six. Gameplay is about 10 minutes, and it features a musical theme produced and arranged by Jaxcheese (you can check him out on bandcamp) based on an original song written by me.

The release date of the final game is unknown, but I'm hoping to finish it in a year. Any delay in time can be chalked up to the fact that: 1. This is an extremely indie game... so indie, in fact, that I'm making the entire thing by myself 2. This is actually my first ever game! and 3. I am a broke art student trying to make it through college at the same time.

You can follow the development of this game at inevitabilitygamedev.tumblr.com, and if you're interested in my other work you can find me on instagram @hannah_thebird


If you find a bug, please report it to me! I will start a discussion page for that. Also, I'm not 100% sure if this game will work on Mac or Linux, considering I've only tested it on pc's before... so if you're a Mac or Linux user, you might want to make use of that option to download it for free, just in case it doesn't work on your computer.

Donations are appreciated but not expected! Thank you for supporting your local sad artist!


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